Using restaurant loyalty programs when eating at restaurants

Eating at restaurants at restaurants can be quite a fun, convenient approach to tame your hunger. But, it often is more expensive than preparing food in the home. The markups on restaurant food, especially alcohol, are considerable. Exactly the other day I tweeted articles and also the accompanying infographic on exactly how high they may be. – saving money

In short supply of not visiting dinner, you can take some from the sting out of dining out by using loyalty programs. You almost certainly know of OpenTable, which just got purchased by Priceline, which enables you to make reservations beforehand. In exchange, you cash in on points, 100s to 1000s, which you can later exchange for gift certificates. I’ve been using OpenTable for a long time.

You may also have come across the Rewards Network, which in a few circles is known as �iDine,� its earlier name. With the Rewards Network, you just enroll using a loyalty program, like a frequent flyer one, and you will miles and points once you dine at participating restaurants. As an example, your neighborhood restaurant you love eating out at participates on this program may yield you 5 points/$. This can be basically a rebate in the form of points or frequent flyer miles.

While it�s likely going to be always cheaper (and perhaps healthier) you can eat at home instead of with a restaurant, you could also get something back for your dining loyalty.

We have mentioned just two ways that you save money when eating out at restaurants, but if you watch my video podcast, I’ll show you much more suggestions to cut down your costs. Furthermore, i have a number of tips later on posts which you can use to help you spend less. – saving money